Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ćevapi, not your Greek neighbours Gyro Sandwich!

What is it: Ćevapi (info link)

Countries of Origin: The Balkans (info link)

Flavors: Salty, Smokey

Texture: Meaty, Moist, Greasy

How to make Ćevapi (video link)

Ćevapi Recipe (link)

Cevapi from Deset v Pol restaurant in Ljubljana

I took a trip to Europe this past spring and after spending a few weeks zig zagging my way across the sub continent, I ended my trip in the lushly green and mountainous terrain of Slovenia, where I tried Ćevapi for the first time. 

After spending a few days in a Gelato, Beer and Burek Coma, a friend of mine took me to a Bosnian restaurant and suggested I try this much loved Balkan sandwich.

A typical dish found throughout the Balkans, Ćevapi is a type of ground meat  mixture of Beef, Lamb and Pork, rolled into finger sized sausages and stuffed inside of a Pita-esque (but better tasting) bread shell called Lepinje. Usually there is a side of chopped raw onions, a sweet bell pepper sauce, and a delicious cheese spread called Kajmak, which when melted, accompanies and enhances the smokey flavor of the sausages and manages to not cave the bread in from moisture.

Like much of the food I post on this blog, Ćevapi's aren't for the faint hearted, six pack aspiring troupe. This is hardcore, eat it and sleep for 3 hours after ward cause you can't imagine moving a single muscle any longer thanks to that big bulge in your stomach type of food. Yes, you will feel like an Anaconda that devoured a Capybara, but you can and will thank me later for introducing you to it;)


Anonymous said...

Hello, love this recipe! I used to eat cevapcici similar to this growing up in Chicago. Reminds me of home a lot:) I like your photos on Instagram. Very cool.

Mary from Walnut Creek, California

Anonymous said...

Did you try the recipe from the link? I tried it with a slight modification using chicken instead of lamb meat. Came out great! Also for the Kajmak, you can make a variation using Cream Cheese, Feta and Sour Cream. Whip it together after softening and you got a nice cheese spread to throw on top. Cool Blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is cool stuff! I found your page on delicious! I used to take trips to Slovenia when my family spent summers in Italy. We used to eat at this one brewery near the border that had delicious cuts of meat and wonderful Cevapcici. This is a really nice looking recipe! I'll have to try it soon.

Thanks, Mario

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